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NEWEST MODEL: 2015 SINGTRONIC KTV-7000HD Karaoke-On-Demand (KOD) is the latest and most advanced HDMI (4K) UltraHD & Full HD 1080P Hard Drive karaoke player in the world comes with 2TB to 16TB hard drive which can hold approximately over 100,000 songs karaoke vocalist tracks. There are many new features that differentiate KTV-7000HD from the rest of the players in the market. Its capability of recording any DVD/VCD/CDG& MP3G discs onto the hard drive through USB Ports makes it so much easier for users to add their favorite music into the collection. KTV-7000HD comes with a USB device that allows you to ripping all CDG disc. into MP3G song files and able to playback any supported MP3, MPEG, AVI, MKV, DivX, VOB & JPEG files anytime. The unit also has a HDMI output which provides (4K) UltraHD and Full HD 1080P High Definition Multimedia Interface videos for its consumers. Its so easy to use both on-screen navigation with "Song Search" & Singing Display Lyrics screen display on your TV , excellent audio and full 1080P video quality.

COMPLETE OVER 60,000 Song Lists Pre-loaded in 4TB Hard Drive

Special Features Newest Model: 2015

  • HDMI direct Output for both Super Digital Audio & (4K) UltraHD 1080P Video
  • Dual On-Screen Navigation "Song Search" & "Lyrics Display" on the same TV screen
  • Built in "Pure Auto Volume Control" means All the song are 100% at the same level
  • Vocalist Control "Vocal Off" all songs are OFF & "Vocal On" all songs are ON.  No need to keep pressing vocal button every song
  • Direct Add New Song into the HD by USB Flash Drive.  Its so easy like 1,2,3.....
Specifications & Features:
4TB Harddrive with over 60,000 Karaoke Songs installed to choose from (Up to 16TB Harddrive).
Support for switching the Multi-audio-track of VOB/AVI/MKV file.
Can display the Multi-language including English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, 
Has an easy-to-use intuitive graphical user-interface that has such features as Reserved, Applaud, Replay, Vocal, Next, Sung List and etc. Support a variety of ways to select songs: selected by Spell/ by Singer/ by Language/by Category/ by Number.
HDMI output (4K) UltraHD & 1080P Full HD video.
Playing MKV song files perfectly from HD and Also USB Port can Turn Off & On Vocal
Support USB Wifi Function. User Mobile Phone, Tablet PC can connect to the karaoke player via WIFI to control the selection songs of the karaoke player.
format partition with the maximum capacity of 2TB.Support GPT format with the capacity of over 3TB maximum 16TB (Formatted by windows 7/Vista don't need any other tool).
Vocalist Control Function: "Vocal Off" means all songs are OFF. "Vocal On" mean all songs are ON.
Can display score with cheering and applause after each song is finished playing so as to enhance entertainment effects.
The function of INSERT COIN with active mode or passive mode can meet the customers for commercial purposes.
Provides song ranking function,hot list & popular songs.
Encryption Function, avoid songs library
being used without authorization.
Random playback function.
Build-In 2 MIC IN jack and Superb Echo Control
Build in Automatic Volume Control (AVC),can output sound on same volume level with L/R RCA & HDMI Audio Output
Fan working by temperature. reduce noise.
FREE: USB Air Touch Pad & Mini Keyboard
3 ways for adding songs: 1) Connect the computer with USB port, add songs into the hard drive of the unit by computer.  2) Produce songs in the computer first, then COPY the song files into U Disk or Portable Hard Drive, then insert the U Disk or Portable Hard Drive into the HOST USB port
of the unit, 3) Just operate the remote control to add the songs into the unit automatically.

USB Wifi Function Newest 2015: It seems very interesting to choose a song via a Cell Phone or Tabet PC. If it is well done, you can succeed to choose a song without a songbook, you don't need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing their eyes to the screen, or you don't need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. Indeed, you can add your favorite songs to your Cell Phone or Tablet PC, then go to your friend home party. In the party, you can connect your cell phone to the KARAOKE machine via wireless USB Wifi network, then you can choose your favorite songs on your Cell Phone. The process is easy to operate and avoids wasting time to locate your favorite songs. Of course, FREE: USB WIFI Dongle are provided for choosing songs via a iPhone / Android Phone or Tablet PC.

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